Draw View

DrawView is a subclass of UIView that supports drawing by the user. The view is configurable and can be used for user signatures or as a basic drawing view. At any time the view can animate its contents and re-draw the path. It is available as a CocoaPod by adding \pod DrawView\ in your pod file.

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JSON to Foundation

JSON to Foundation is a Mac app that creates Foundation Object headers/implementation files from a JSON Object. Input a valid JSON object into the main text area, name the object, and click Convert and you h/m files will be created on your Desktop.

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Event Check-in

iOS app to check-in people to events with a mobile card reader.

Event Manager

iPad app that allows for management of events happening on campus. Allows for basic editing of the event as well as adding workers to the event. Reports can easily be pulled and emailed to the user.

Orientation Worker Schedule

Digital schedule for orientation workers to take with them wherever they are.

Copy Center Work Order

Work order to accept copy related jobs.

Florida Tech Mobile

Original official mobile app for Florida Institute of Technology.