I thought this week I would collect a list of the most useful resources I have used to learn iOS development. These range from the basics of development, to very advanced Objective-C ideas and techniques. This list also includes developer blogs and podcasts that are entertaining and helpful.


  • Stanford: Developing iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad
    • The best way to start learning iOS development. Even the information from past semesters are worth a look. Is a great first step for people wanting to learn iOS/Objective-C development.
  • Ray Wenderlich
    • Covers all topics relating to iOS development from basic Table View setup to OpenGL ES for game development.
  • Mobile Tuts
    • Collection of Mobile development tutorials covering a wide range of topics.


  • NSHipster
    • Great writing covering all types of Objective-C and developer related topics. Usually focuses on moderate to advance topics.
  • objc.io

Developer Blogs

  • Marco Arment-Creator of Tumblr, Instapaper, The Magazine, and Overcast. Also the host of Build and Analyze and the Accidental Tech Podcast.
  • Brent Simmons-Creator of NetNewswire, MarsEdit, and Vesper.
  • Brett Terpstra-To many projects to list, so just go to his site to see everything. Host of Systematic.
  • Andrew Pontious-Host of Edge Cases podcast.
  • Jonathan Rentzsch-Host of Edge Cases podcast.